HDLC a professional Telecom Switching Room Data centre Services ensures not only an excellent service quality and availability, but also personalization of our platform according to customer brand and specific needs. Bringing together the software development and business skills of four seasoned professionals resulted in a solid foundation for a focused and dynamic enterprise. We focus on delivering creative, innovative communication strategies and technologically superior solutions.

    We provide a wide range of Commercial electrical services including:
  • Supply & Installation of Telephone BABX systems (IPT & Convectional system)
  • Supply & installation of complete Data center setups
  • Network infrastructure setup & Installation
  • 3 phase alterations
  • 3 phase distributions
  • Copper and Fiber Optic Setup & Installation
  • Raise flooring for Data Centers
  • Supply of network components
  • Supply of high Data Center Equipment

HDLC cover a broad range of services from site acquisition to tower maintenance. HDLC can assist you with all your raw land acquisition and tower site development needs. We will be the conduit to get your tower site successfully approved through zoning and permitting requirements that vary from city to city, and state to state. We’ve established strong networking ties within our industry that can provide services in: surveying, geotechnical studies and soil borings, construction drawings, and engineered tower designs. We offer full-service tower site mapping including a detailed report listing all the antennas, lines, and associated hardware on the tower, line-of-site photos, and compound diagrams to reflect the existing shelters, equipment racks, and utility locations. HDLC has the knowledge, equipment and manpower to construct any size or type of tower. Whether it is the installation of

  • Monopole
  • Flag pole
  • Guy tower
  • Self supporting tower

each project is completed by trained, safety oriented and skilled professionals. Our diverse background in the installation of short wave, microwave, AM and FM radio, broadcast and cable TV, cellular, wireless, wind energy and meteorological towers translates into monumental advantages for our customers. Specializing in tower modifications, we can easily take accurate field measurements. We are able to make repairs and modifications using either ordered materials or working with customer-provided materials to change out bracing or guy wire, as well as foundation upgrades.