Data Center

HDLC professional Data center Services ensures not only an excellent service quality and availability, but also personalization of our platform according to customer brand and specific needs. Bringing together the software development and business skills of four seasoned professionals resulted in a solid foundation for a focused and dynamic enterprise. We focus on delivering creative, innovative communication strategies and technologically superior solutions.

  • Supply & Installation of Telephone BABX systems (IPT & Convectional system)
  • Supply & installation of complete Data center setups
  • Network infrastructure setup & Installation
  • Copper and Fiber Optic Setup & Installation
  • Raise flooring for Data Centers
  • Supply of network components
  • Supply of high Data Center Equipment


Data Center Cleaning Services

General Cleaning
All equipment and surfaces within a data center are susceptible to dirt. A dirty data center prevents optimum equipment performance. The entire data center, including racks, cabinets, UPS, CRAC Units, work surfaces, and storage areas, will be cleaned using static dissipative cleaners and equipment to remove dust and particulate from the data center.
An effective cleaning must consist of specially designed short-term and long-term actions. These can be summarized as follows:

  • Quarterly Actions – Hardware decontamination and room surface decontamination
  • Semi-Annual Actions – Subfloor void decontamination and air conditioner decontamination

Subfloor Sealing / Encapsulation
Concrete flooring continually sluffs off a fine grit that is impossible to recover, even with the most specialized HEPA or ULPA vacuum. This grit can damage electronics and magnetic media. If your floor leaves your fingertips white and powdery when you wipe across the exposed concrete, the floor needs to be sealed, or Encapsulated.
A permanent concrete sub floor sealing system is applied to completely penetrate all the peaks and pours of the subfloor to form a permanent protective finish. The protective finish eliminates the oxidation of the concrete and subsequent sub floor contamination.

Subfloor Cleaning
The removal of dust and dirt below the raised-floor is critical to prevent the contamination of your air-cooled equipment. Our expertly trained technicians ensure the proper removal of all potentially damaging particles that create system failures resulting in costly downtime

Equipment Surface Cleaning
Hard surfaces, including racks, cabinets, and tape storage will be cleaned using static dissipative cleaners and equipment to remove dust and particulate from the equipment. Contaminants cycled into the servers can cause overheating and system errors.